Serviced accommodation is so much better for business travellers

Although hotels may sound cheap on the face of it, hotels rooms simply are not as large or as flexible a space as serviced accommodation (SA).

Staying in UK hotels can get quite pricey, usually ranging from £50-£120 per night, for just one hotel room. Serviced accommodation (SA) is the whole unit- whether it’s a house or apartment. The per person cost in an SA is significantly less than a hotel room.

Fully furnished and equipped
SAs are fully furnished and has the facilities you would find at home: such as a fully furnished house/apartment, fast Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, iron, hairdryer etc.

SA guests who stay with us at Vantage Accommodation have all these facilities they would normally have at home. They can cook in the property, meaning significant cost savings compared to eating out in the hotel or restaurants.

If there are several colleagues on the business trip, they can stay in one SA rather than several hotel rooms. An immediate costs saving.

One great thing about choosing SA is the privacy. Our guests stay in the whole house/apartment. It gives business travellers privacy and the enjoyment of a homelike experience during the trip.

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