When you book we plant a tree for free!

At Vantage Accommodation, we believe CSR is important. We believe we all have a role to play in looking after the planet.

When you book with us, we plant a tree – for free! At Vantage Accommodation, we provide quality service to our guests and promote social consciousness. For every booking you make, we plant a tree to help in the reforestation fight.

Planting trees help in the absorption of harmful carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Trees act as an “air purifier” that cools the air from odours and pollutants, while providing us with a supply of oxygen. Trees also create a positive impact to the community by reducing the risks of landslides and flooding in an area as it reinforces the soil and prevents erosion.

In addition, trees also support the growth of a rich biodiversity by providing habitat for wildlife species. With the event of increasing pressures of climate change, the call for social consciousness and social responsibility matters now more than ever. Forest areas in the world have decreased over the centuries.

No matter how small, making an effort to mitigate this phenomenon can be very helpful. Remember, small acts when compounded can create a big impact. Ultimately, increasing environmental awareness helps in uniting the community and paving the path towards a more sustainable lifestyle. With a few clicks of booking your stay with us, you can help us be a step closer to rebuilding our forests.

Get in touch, book with us now and help support the growth of a healthy forest!